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8 easy things you can do to help your home sell faster

Now that you have made the decision to sell your home there are some simple things you can do to help ensure a successful sale. If you listed  your home with David that was an important first step and you can be sure that he will use his expertise to professionally market your home, but there are ways you can help to facilitate facilitate and perhaps quicken the sale of your home. Put yourself in the home buyer’s position. Other than the obvious amenities of your home (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the living room, whether or not your home has a garage) what are some of the subtle elements that would sell you on a house?

Although you may not realize it, a dirty home, pet smells, and an overgrown yard may be the details that would turn a buyer away unconsciously. Here are a few tips on how you can help your real estate professional show your home in the best possible light! There is only one first impression.

  1. Make sure your house is clean: no cobwebs, dust, crumbs, pet hair, or stains. Clean the bathrooms and the kitchen especially well. Pay particular attention to ceramic tile. You may want to have the
    carpets professionally cleaned. Pick up the clutter around your house. Neaten your closets. Make repairs that your home needs. Fix the leak in the faucet, replace the cracked window, make sure air conditioning and heat works well. Get rid of the squeak in the bathroom door. Tighten any door or cabinet hinges. Clean out the gutters. Make sure roof fans and ceiling fans work properly. Have available copies of utility bills and tax bills for potential buyers.
  2. Touch up entrance ways. Paint wrought iron or wood rails at your front door. Clean front lights, replace burnt out bulbs. Paint the front door. Sweep your walkway and cleanup any driveway oil stains. Straighten your garage or carport.
  3. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the appearance of your home–inside and out! Select a neutral color that is least likely to offend someone’s taste.
  4. Get rid of bad odors in your house, such as pet odors and damp, mildew smells. Odors that are a plus: clean, fresh scents, cookies baking, Christmas smells (pine trees, cinnamon, etc.)
  5. Keep your yard in good shape. Mow and edge the lawn, trim shrubs, cut off dead branches from trees. Don’t let your “natural area” grow up. Sweep your walks and rake leaves.
  6. When you are expecting a showing of your house, have the temperature at a comfortable level. Also, make sure all chandeliers and lamps have working light bulbs.
  7. Also, when you are expecting a showing of your house, have any pets contained–even though you may have the friendliest of pets, someone may be allergic or frightened of them. You don’t want to have anything under your control turn the buyer off. Let your real estate professional know where your pets are, to avoid surprises.
  8. Now disappear! Make yourself scarce during showings of your house. The potential buyer will be more comfortable, and be in a better mood to buy! Your REALTOR® will market your house and sell it to potential buyers. A day or two of preparation will pay off in the end. You can help speed up and enhance the selling process by making your home as attractive as it can be.

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